Keep These 4 Tips In Mind When Buying Or Leasing Construction Equipment


As a small construction company owner, renting or purchasing certain construction equipment can help you get your work done. However, it can be easy to make mistakes that affect your company's finances. Here are some things to remember when buying or leasing construction equipment. Talk to Your Accountant There are pros and cons to buying construction equipment, but there are also pros and cons for leasing equipment. While you may have an idea of what you want to do, a visit to your business accountant is in order.

1 October 2015

When You Should Work With A Bad Credit Customer


When the credit report comes back, you discover that you are in for bad news. The car buyer actually has very bad credit. In this situation, you may still find yourself wondering if you should extend credit to your customer or if you can persuade one of your creditors to offer a loan to your customer. There are some ethical ways that you can still sell a car to a customer with bad credit who needs a loan, without exposing yourself or your creditors to excessive risk if your customer defaults on the loan.

25 September 2015