Six Mistakes To Avoid As You Pay Back Your Loan


Avoiding mistakes when you're repaying loans will leave you in the best financial condition once the loan is paid off. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers make costly mistakes while paying back loans that damage their credit scores and make budgeting difficult.

The following are six mistakes to avoid as you pay back your loan:

Failing to budget for every month

Before you even take out a loan, you should calculate your budget and make sure that you'll be able to keep up with payments throughout the life of the loan.

Even as repayment progresses, you need to perform any recalculations to keep up with changes in your budget. This is especially true if your income tends to fluctuate depending on the season or your professional prospects. 

Crunch the numbers so that you avoid surprises where your income isn't high enough to keep up with your loan payments over a particular payment period.

Allowing yourself to miss payments

You should consider every loan you take out as an opportunity to build your credit. If you miss payments, you will also miss out on the opportunity to build your credit and improve your financial future.

Be vigilant about avoiding missed payments that are sent in even a day late to keep your credit strong. 

Taking on too much additional debt

It's best to focus on paying the loan you have off before you take on additional loans or build up a balance on your credit cards. Try to limit yourself to only a few debts at a time to keep your finances and budget under control. 

Being unaware of prepayment penalties

Paying your loan off early could allow you to save money on interest. However, it's important to be aware of the fact that some lenders will charge you prepayment penalties if you pay a loan off early.

Read the fine print and be aware of any prepayment terms before you find yourself having to pay a fee that costs more than the interest would have if you had paid the loan off as scheduled. 

Being unaware of automatic payment options

You can minimize the chances of missing payments and make your life easier while you're paying back a loan by signing up for automatic payments.

Many lenders offer automatic payments on loan accounts so that the payment will be automatically charged to your bank account on a scheduled date. This way, you won't have to think about making payments and payments will be effortless.

Not taking advantage of opportunities to increase your income

It's always a good idea to take advantage of opportunities to increase your income if you're paying off debts. Work overtime or take on a second job to boost your income until your loan is paid off. 


25 September 2018

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