Three Reasons Why You Need An ATM Inside Of Your School


As the principal or principal administrator of a private school, you will get to make choices for the campus. One of the extras that you may want to install on the campus is an atm for rent. Though an automated teller machine may seem like an odd addition to make to your school, there are a number of ways in which having a full-service atm will benefit your students, parents, and employees. Here are three reasons why your school needs an atm in the office. 

Parents can take out money for lunch or field trips

It is common for parents to get busy and forget to give their child lunch money or forget to pay the fee for a field trip. If this happens, they can stop by the atm in the front office in order to provide their child with the money that they need. If you do not have an atm, they would need to leave the school grounds in order to take care of monetary issues, which can cause a delay for the student and the parent. An atm on campus will allow parents to efficiently pay off last minute items without doing a lot of driving around. 

Staff can get cash safely

There are some staff members who may choose to get a paper check rather than direct deposit. If you rent a full-service atm, the staff may be able to go over to the atm and do an electronic deposit via the machine when they get paid. If you have a locked school with a secure office, your workers will be able to safely deposit money. The staff can also take out cash if they desire to get lunch. Those who have access to school accounts can get cash from the atm without having to go to the bank. 

Kids will be able to take out cash without going off campus

As children get older, some of them may have access to their own debit card and checking account. If students are allowed to go off campus in order to eat lunch or if they are interested in buying something on school grounds, they can take out money on campus. This will keep the students safer when they are taking money from their accounts. If there is ever a report of a stolen debit card that was used on campus, you will be able to take a look at your own security tapes to determine who the offender was and take proper steps to rectify the issue. 


3 April 2018

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