3 Reasons To Install An ATM At Your Business


If you own a business where customers can purchase items onsite, you may have at least given some thought by now to purchasing an ATM for your store. Yes, an ATM can be a significant investment if your business is still growing, but if you step back and look at the big picture, you may find that there are additional benefits you may not have thought of. Here are three reasons why it might be a good idea to contact an ATM services company and get a machine installed at your place of business.

Additional Traffic

Yes, having an ATM on site can obviously help you increase your sales by giving customers who are already shopping with you a convenient way to get the money they need. But an ATM can also drive additional traffic to your store that you might not have gotten otherwise. If your shop is located somewhere with a lot of foot traffic outside, simply putting a sign on your door advertising your ATM could cause some people to come inside and take a look around just so they can use your machine. This could be a great opportunity to pick up some new customers.

Lower Your Credit Card Fees

If you've been in any kind of retail business for long, you are likely aware that the fees you are charged by the credit card companies can add up pretty quickly. Anytime a customer uses a debit or credit card at your establishment, you have to pay at least something to the credit card processor. By having an ATM on site, this will increase the likelihood that your customers will pay with cash, allowing you to keep 100 percent of the revenue in your pocket.

Revenue Through Surcharges

When you own or lease an ATM, you have the option of charging people a small fee for the right to use the machine. You may have to split this revenue with the machine maker if it is being leased, but at the end of the day, you should still get at least some additional income from these surcharges. This can help offset those credit card fees or at the very least help you pay for the ongoing maintenance of the machine.

Having an ATM onsite at your business is a great way to drive additional foot traffic to your store, reduce the fees you pay to credit card processors and may also serve as an additional revenue stream through surcharges. Contact a company that offers ATM services in your area like NCATM Associates LLC for more information.


29 July 2016

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