Buying U.S. Half Dollars Minted From 1948 To 1964


Up until the end of 1964, U.S. half dollars were made primarily of silver. Due to the silver content, those half dollars still have an intrinsic value in addition to the value of being old and relatively rare. Individuals seeking to purchase silver half dollars minted from 1948 through 1964 can choose between the two different designs used by the U.S. Mint during that time period.

Kennedy half dollar

Minting of the Kennedy half dollar began in 1964 to commemorate the earlier assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. The 1964 Kennedy half dollar was, however, the last U.S. half dollar to contain 90 percent silver. Due to the popularity of the commemorative coin, a huge quantity was minted to meet public demand.

Roughly 430 million Kennedy half dollars were minted in 1964. Despite the large quantity, many of the 1964 half dollars were hoarded as collectibles. As a result, most of the coins have circulated relatively little and remain in very good condition. The 1965 Kennedy half dollar minted in the following year contained a copper core with only a coating of silver.

Franklin half dollar

For a period preceding 1964, the U.S. half dollar featured the image of Benjamin Franklin. The Franklin half dollar was minted from 1948 through 1963. All of the Franklin half dollars contain 90 percent silver. In the entire period from 1948 through 1963, roughly 465 million Franklin half dollars were minted. Because they were widely circulated, Franklin half dollars are more likely to exhibit signs of wear.

In addition to the specific year of production, many coins are stamped with a single letter to designate the city in which they were minted. The most common mint marks are the letter D for Denver, S for San Francisco, and P for Philadelphia. Older coins may have additional value due to low production levels at certain mints during some years.

Several Franklin half dollars appraise at higher prices. The following dates and mint marks are some of the rarer Franklin half dollars:

  • 1949-D and 1949-S
  • 1951-D and 1951-S
  • 1953-S

The current market price for silver is an underlying factor affecting the values of silver coins in general. Relatively common silver coins may be purchased in quantity as an investment. On the other hand, rare coins are valued mostly on their scarcity. Contact a coin dealer (like Beaverton Coin & Currency) for more information about purchasing coins for their silver value or for their historical significance.


11 November 2015

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